Our History

Founded in 1997

February 1997 – Deaf Church on the Hill was born. The church is using the modular unit from The Hill (formerly Church on the Hill) located in a low hillside at 210 Locust Drive Vallejo, CA.

September 1999 - the San Francisco Deaf Church was planted. The location is at Crossroad Christian Center in Daly City, CA. Sunday services began in the afternoon.

October 2001 – Wednesday nights bible study was instituted in San Francisco at the church of

June 3, 2002 – Oscar received his credentialed ministry certification from the district office.

October 2003 – the deaf church moved to 1640 Broadway St Vallejo, CA

November 2003 – the church applied with the State of California for change of title from Deaf Church on the Hill to Vallejo Deaf Church.

June 6, 2005 – Olivia received her credentialed ministry certification from the district office.

October 2006 – An anonymous vote to close the San Francisco deaf church because of lack of funding and so much activities for the members.

February 2007 – celebrated it’s 10th year anniversary with Rev Jonathan Zachariou speaking to the group.

September 2007 – Olivia Bibb began to help the Deaf Jubilee Assembly per request by the district office. It’s located in San Jose, CA, Olivia served as interim pastor and began her monthly preaching on January 2008 and assisting Advisory Committee including it’s members. This lasted util July 2012 and it’s members were transitioned to Hands of Grace and now currently led by Pastor James Parker.

November 2008 – New Roof Fund raising dinner attended by more than 200 participants

March 2009 – Roof construction was done

January 2010 – New kitchen & bathroom

April 2012 – Both Pastors Oscar and Olivia Bibb received their Ordination Ministry credential

April 2018 – Pastor Olivia gave an honorarium prayer during the ordination of the new ministers in District Council conference Sac, CA

April 2019 – Ryan got recognition as Licensed Minister with the district

June 2020 – 18-wheeler truck hit the right wall of the sanctuary (street side)

Dec 2020 – construction of the damaged site was done (new carpet, expanded handicapped door, ramp, stage remodeled, new flooring in nursery roo-m)

Feb 2022 – celebrated church’s 25th anniversary raising $10,000 for Mexican deaf ministries

April 2024 – Ordination of Ryan Jay Rivera in District Council