Our History

On early spring 2017, Pastor Olivia Bibb has been discussing the need of having women retreat with Pastor Ramona Crossley. Both Pastors Olivia and Ramona have agreed to set-up a Women Retreat and a group of committee was formed. They are from Vallejo Deaf Church and deaf ministries of Harvest Church in Sacramento.

All women were so excited and we’ve began our retreat in Woodleaf Conference Center in Challenge, CA on October 2017. It was then preceded to different places like hotels and the last one now is with the Christian Berets in Mi Wuk Village, CA. We found this site matches our needs.

The purpose of this women retreat is to help women gather together for spiritual refreshening and be away of the urban area for a little bit and enjoy the beauty and creation of God in mountainous side. Enjoy the fellowship and testimonies of everyone.

If you live in the area of Northern California, then we invite you to come and join the retreat. 

Please click the link below to print the flyer

7th Annual NorCal Deaf Women Retreat

September 20 - 22, 2024
at Christian Berets
24884 Highway 108
Mi Wuk Village, CA